Order PODD Books Through Alt+Shift

Order PODD Books Through Alt+Shift

Interested in ordering a PODD communication book through Alt+Shift? Follow these three steps: 

1. Attend a two-day introductory PODD training.

  • Individuals who have attended the one-day Alternative Access PODD training may also purchase from select eye gaze and partner assisted visual scanning books. Additional selections will be released as they are available.
  • Official PODD trainings can be found on the PODD USA website.

2. Own a copy of the PODD software (can be personally owned or through your school/program).

  • Direct Access Templates (i.e., books for those who point or touch symbols) can be purchased through Boardmaker.
  • Alternative Access Templates are not yet available in the US; however, interested individuals or ISDs can purchase an international copy (i.e., formatted for A4 paper with international vocabulary) through the Cerebral Palsy Education Centre (CPEC) or Spectronics websites. (Note: One page Alternative Access PODD communication books printed through Alt+Shift have been reformatted to letter-sized paper)

3. Follow the steps on the PODD Communication Book order form.

If you have questions related to ordering a PODD book, please contact Carolyn O'Hearn (carolyn.ohearn@altshift.education).


Example of a PODD communication book


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