Quick Wins

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Quick Wins

Quick wins are individual modules, each focused on one high leverage practice. Quick wins include a combination of video, text, downloadable resources, and practice opportunities. They are designed for quick consumption, immediate implementation, and high impact.

AAC Fundamentals

Learners who have difficulty using speech to express their wants, needs, and ideas benefit from access to Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC).

Approximate time to read: 10 minutes

Administrative Engagement for Digital Accessibility Toolkit

Let’s work together to make the education environment more inclusive!

Approximate time to read: 5 minutes

Alternative Access for Paper-based Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC)

In this quick win, learn about four alternative access methods of AAC. Alternative access enables individuals with complex communication needs and complex bodies with ways to express themselves.

Approximate time to read: 15 minutes

Alternative Text for Digitally Accessible Materials

Add descriptions to graphics to make them accessible to those who can’t see them.

Approximate time to read: 2 minutes

Assistive Technology Skills Inventory

Determining the right assistive technology (AT) for a student can be challenging. Many educators have expertise that can assist Individualized Education Program (IEP) teams in finding a solution that meets the needs of the student. The AT Skills Inventory can help identify and support educators who can contribute knowledge and skills related to AT.

Approximate time to read: 10 minutes

Core Vocabulary

Core vocabulary offers a way for educators to support individual and classroom-wide communication.

Approximate time to read: 4 minutes

Learning Trajectories Approach to Help All Students Progress in Math

This approach can help educators understand why students are struggling, what students understand, and where to begin instruction and remediation.

Approximate time to read: 3.5 minutes

Math Accessibility Framework

This framework is a planning tool for general and special educators when designing math instruction for students with disabilities and students who struggle.

Approximate time to read: 3.5 minutes

Self Advocacy

Clearly and effectively communicating challenges as a learner and what accommodations are needed to overcome them.

Approximate time to read: 15 minutes

Shared Reading

Shared reading is an evidence-based strategy that can improve a learner’s concept of print, language, communication, and interaction skills while encouraging engagement.

Approximate time to read: 6 minutes

Utilizing Games and Activities to Strengthen Number Sense

Games and activities can help learners develop number sense and a deeper understanding of math concepts.

Approximate time to read: 10 minutes

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