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Should more of your learners with disabilities be proficient in math?  With the right support and knowledge, all teachers and learners can engage in teaching and learning of mathematics.



Delta Math

Made in Michigan to maximize potential.

Delta Math is an RTI (response to intervention) program developed by the Ottawa Area ISD with support from Alt+Shift and Michigan math consultants to improve readiness to learn in math classes from kindergarten through Algebra 1. It includes online readiness screeners to identify students for tier two interventions, tier three screeners for students not responding to tier two interventions, reports, progress monitoring and instructional resources.


Foundations of Math

A shift in mathematical thinking can change mathematical outcomes.

Should more of your learners with disabilities be proficient in math? This course, focused on mathematical content knowledge, allows general and special education teachers to examine mathematical procedures from a conceptual standpoint and increase sense making for learners who struggle with methods reliant on memorization and procedure. Participants will learn how making pedagogical shifts can increase student engagement and improve math achievement for every learner.


Foundations of Math: Teaching Students with Significant Disabilities

Math made possible for everyone

With the right supports and knowledge, all teachers and learners can engage in the teaching and learning of mathematics. This course includes all components of Foundations of Math with the addition of research and classroom video specific to learners with significant disabilities and complex communication needs. Educators in self-contained and centerbased environments will experience approaches to assessment and instruction that will help learners develop meaningful mathematical understanding.

Quick Wins

Quick Win

Learning Trajectories Approach to Help All Students Progress in Math

This approach can help educators understand why students are struggling, what students understand, and where to begin instruction and remediation.

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Math Accessibility Framework

This framework is a planning tool for general and special educators when designing math instruction for students with disabilities and students who struggle.

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Utilizing Games and Activities to Strengthen Number Sense

Games and activities can help learners develop number sense and a deeper understanding of math concepts.

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