Alt+Shift provides professional learning in the following topic areas: accessible digital materials, assistive technology, communication, and math. 

Accessible Digital Materials

Learn how to improve the accessibility of documents and presentations that you create.  Accessible design eliminates barriers that prevent learners and consumers from receiving information.

Assistive Technology

Assistive technology, defined as anything that supports learners in doing things they would not otherwise be able to do, can provide the traction learners need to succeed but is often intimidating to educators who think of it as very specialized.


All learners have the right to communicate, and communication is a prerequisite for teaching and learning.


Should more of your learners with disabilities be proficient in math?  With the right support and knowledge, all teachers and learners can engage in teaching and learning of mathematics.

Stay In Touch

The Alt+Shift newsletter provides updates on our professional learning opportunities, informs readers of upcoming events, and highlights resources for people who work with students with disabilities.